Saturday, September 06, 2008


More Yard Work

Alex, Kevin, Catie and I went over to our rental house today to do some more yard work.  Catie worked on spreading out new mulch, Alex finished bundling up all the trees he cut down and Kevin and I raked the yard and bagged all the leaves.  Winter Park requires all cut down trees to be cut into 4 foot branches and then tied with twine or they won't pick it up.

It was in the 90's today, so it was pretty hot work.  Luckily most of the front yard is shaded, so we didn't burn too much.  The only thing we have to do in the front yard now is mow the grass and edge along the sidewalk.  It already looks so much better.  The back yard will be a real challenge, and we'll start on that on Monday.

The house is now completely clean on the inside, and the smell is gone.  I did a space clearing yesterday with my bell from Bali and feel like it's ready to rent.  I've been getting a lot of calls, so I feel pretty confident I  find a renter this week.

Like looking at pictures of your childhood. The last time I lived there I was in college.
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