Monday, July 07, 2008


We're Packing

We leave for Costa Rica tomorrow night! We arrive in San Jose at 12:05 a.m., and we're going to the Marriott Airport hotel overnight because our car won't be ready until 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Some friends from LHPS are meeting us in Monteverde for the week, and I think that they'll already be at the Marriott when we get there.

I've finally convinced everyone to travel light, and all of us are taking very little, and we're only checking bags with household and car items. I gave each of the kids a vacuum bag for their clothes, which shrunk down what they're bringing a lot. I sealed the bags yesterday, so it also cut down on the girls changing their minds about what they wanted to bring. All in all we're only checking in three bags, and schlepping the rest.

Jim saw all our packed carry-ons in the dining room and asked me tonight at dinner : "Have I packed yet?". Hmmm.....

Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy July 4th!

We had a fantastic July 4th! We drove to our friend Mike's house on the St. John's River in Astor, about an hour's ride from Winter Park. Alex came for a couple of hours, but had to leave at 3 p.m. to get to work at 4:30. We brought chicken to barbeque, a watermelon and a coconut cream pie, which turned out to be a big hit. The weather was beautiful, and unlike every other day this past week, we didn't have an afternoon thunderstorm. We had a relaxing day by the river, hanging out in the hammocks (or falling out of the hammocks, in the case of Catie and Ciera, Mike's granddaughter) and drinking margaritas. Those of us who hung out after dinner went out on the pontoon boat for a ride towards DeLeon Springs and Kevin was very pleased that Mike let him drive the boat the whole way out and back.

After dark Mike's son in law and his sons prepared the fireworks that Mike had bought in North Carolina. What a show! The fireworks were beautful shooting high up in the sky over the river. There was only one mishap when some of the rockets tipped over before they shot up, and exploded sideways into the yard in two directions; one toward the house and the other toward the two boats in the boathouse. Luckily no one was hurt, and it added to the excitement.

The evening was unseasonable cool, with temperatures in the 70's. When we got home we found both dogs in the house. I had left Jo in the house and Jumper outside, so they couldn't get into trouble together while we were gone. I forgot that unless I actually lock the back door Jumper knows how to open it.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Kev Is Ready

We've already been to Kev's favorite store since we've been back, Al's Army Navy Story. The owner knows Kevin by name, and gives him a special discount whenever he comes in. Catie and I are pretty bored shopping there. The only interesting thing Catie found, which she wanted me to buy for myself, were pink camo boxers with Booty printed across the back. I declined to buy them. Kev got a camo waterprooof jacket that will be great in Monteverde, a new hat and new camo pants. Our neighbors will think that the Marines have invaded.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Got Tickets?



Yard Clean Up

We were inspired by the yard clean up at Angelo's house in Fina Sisu to do some yard work at our house. Angelo had xeroscaped the front yard several years ago when a tenant was living here, and so our yard doesn't look anything like our neighbors' yards. The goal of xeroscaping is to introduce plants in your landscaping that don't require a lot of water, which has been an issue in Florida for the past 8 years or so as we have been in a drought. I prefer the look of our yard, as it attracts a lot of butterflies, birds and squirrels. our back yard is completely untamed, with scrub trees and wild bushes. The dogs love it. Most people in this area use a lot of St. Augustine grass which requires a lot of water and fertilizer to keep it looking good. I prefer the natural look with as little chemicals as possible.

Jim went out this morning and bought a lawn mover and Kevin and I cut the grass. It looks pretty good. I'll go out later today and get some grass seed to fill in the bare spots. We have been having torrential thunderstorms every afternoon, so it's a good time for planting grass seed.

Catie has been sleeping for 14 hours... Kevin and I are pretty much back on track today.


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