Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hanging Out With Our Neighbors

Our neighbors across the street from us have a small farm behind their bakery. Yes, we have a bakery right across the street from us, which is wonderful. Fresh bread every morning!

We noticed last week that they had a foal, so the kids went over to get acqainted. It was just a few days old, and wouldn't let Kevin get very close.

Kevin spent the day working and riding with our friend Don Carlos one day last week. We drove him to Carlos' farm in La Lindora and they rode to our farm together, where they worked with the cattle for most of the day, and then spent some time training his 2 year old horse. Kev had his new lariat with him, and practiced roping the horse.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Visiting Manolo's Mom

Our friends Manola and Beth moved to Canada last summer, and we told them that when we are in Monteverde that we'll check on Manolo's mom. Manolo's mom is staying in their house while they are away, and I'm afraid to drive to their house because it requires driving over this bridge. I can't believe that an entire neighborhood has to use this bridge. It's supported by iron beams underneath (I checked when we rode under the bridge once on horseback) but there are lots of holes spaces between the boards.
I got out of the car and walked across, but one of the neighbors shouted to me that the bridge was safe to drive across, so Jim drove.
Below is a picture of Manolo's mom and her brother.


Views of the Gulf of Nicoya From Our Farm


Random Farm Pictures


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