Tuesday, September 02, 2008



My long term tenants just moved out of the house Alex and Angelo and I lived in when they were in high school.  They had lived there for the past eight years, and I don't think I had actually been inside the house for the past four years.  They were great tenants;  if anything broke they fixed it, and when I was out of the country they would take their rent check directly to my bank to deposit it in my account.  I always assumed that they would want to buy my house, so I was kind of surprised when they bought a big house with a pool in a neighborhood way out in the suburbs.   They paid someone to clean and paint the house, so we just had to tune up the yard, do a deeper clean and  figure out how to get the dog smell out of the house.

Alex spent the day cutting down overgrown trees all around the house.  I amazed how much the trees in front had grown, as high as the basketball hoop.  He also pressure washed the driveway so it looks like new, and cut down all the overgrown corn plants in front of the house.  Jim bought new pavers for the front of the house and some plants and flowers to spruce up the house.

It took me all day to wash all the windows in the house (for some reason the cleaner hadn't washed any windows), clean under the fridge and stove and clean the pantry shelves.   It already smells better and looks great.

Alex felt really nostalgic working around the house.  He lived there from 6th grade to 11th grade, and we had a good life there.

Ornamental corn plants that ran amok.
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