Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Fay No Show

We missed Tropical Storm Fay yesterday. Governor Crist declared a State of Emergency on Saturday to get everyone in panic mode, and so I made a half hearted attempt at hurricane preparedness. I know the drill; you need candles or batteries in case the power goes out, non perishable foods and lots of drinking water. We didn't have have any food in the house, or any bottled waters, so off Kevin and Catie and I went to Costco. I also needed gallon plastic bags to make solid bags of ice, which I find work best at keeping your food cold when the power goes out. I filled up some large pots of water for drinking water, but held off filling up the bathtub for flushing. Four years ago we lost power for almost a week, so I've learned it's best to be prepared. The kids' school was closed for Tuesday in anticipation of the storm, and Tiana's school was also cancelled.

Luckily, the storm never even came close to Orlando. We got some rain, and some wind, but no trees came down. There was probably more damage over at New Smyrna Beach, where the storm was stalled for half a day. I called a friend over there today and she told me that the ocean was almost up to the sea wall in front of our building, and that all of the rough sand had been washed away, leaving all the powdery soft white sand behind. Can't wait to see it.

It's still pretty rainy and dreary here.

On a bright note, Catie started her modeling class at Lisa Maile's this afternoon. Look out world!

Modeling class? Oh, jesus.
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