Monday, July 07, 2008


We're Packing

We leave for Costa Rica tomorrow night! We arrive in San Jose at 12:05 a.m., and we're going to the Marriott Airport hotel overnight because our car won't be ready until 7 a.m. on Wednesday. Some friends from LHPS are meeting us in Monteverde for the week, and I think that they'll already be at the Marriott when we get there.

I've finally convinced everyone to travel light, and all of us are taking very little, and we're only checking bags with household and car items. I gave each of the kids a vacuum bag for their clothes, which shrunk down what they're bringing a lot. I sealed the bags yesterday, so it also cut down on the girls changing their minds about what they wanted to bring. All in all we're only checking in three bags, and schlepping the rest.

Jim saw all our packed carry-ons in the dining room and asked me tonight at dinner : "Have I packed yet?". Hmmm.....

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