Sunday, June 15, 2008


Last Week's Activites

We've been very busy since we arrived.  Almost every day we go to a different beach, and there's normally an evening activity.  For the last week we've been attending a family novena every night. This is a Chamorro custom honoring a saint and the family gathers every night for nine nights to pray together, and then eat and socialize.  Kevin and Catie have met some new friends at the novena, and can't wait to go every night.  The final night is Tuesday, and they'll be disappointed when we have to find something else to do in the evening!

We toured more of the island last week, and climbed Mount Tapotchou, the highest point on the island.  Luckily it's not much of a climb from the parking lot! Next weekend we're going on a hike to see a B-29 plane that's still in the jungle on Topotchou.  Rotary Club had a special father's day luncheon last week, and Kevin met a visiting General from Guam.

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