Saturday, June 28, 2008


Happy Birthday Alex!

We made it home in time for Alex's 27th birthday today!  Happy Birthday Alex!!

Last night we went out to dinner at Houston's to celebrate.  We went out pretty late, as we weren't tired because Kevin and Catie and I were still on Saipan time, so in our brains it was 11 a.m., not 9 p.m.

The trip home was uneventful, and although there was very little time between our connections all our luggage made it home with us.  I slept most of the way from Nagoya to Detroit (thank you Ambien!) and Kevin and Catie watched a coupled of movies and then slept the rest of the way.

Our month in Saipan passed much too quickly and we already miss Angelo.  We watched most of the videos last night with Alex, and he said that he regretted not coming with us.  Next time we'll all come!

Jim was pretty busy while we were gone, and painted the interior of the house.  I described the colors I wanted over the phone and he picked them out.  It looks perfect.  I'll take some pictures once all the luggage gets put away.

We leave for Costa Rica on July 8th;  Alex is coming for two weeks and Tiana is coming for a month.  

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