Sunday, December 09, 2007


We're at the Beach

We drove over to beach yesterday morning. Nora and Gene met us over here in the afternoon, and for dinner we drove up A1-A to Daytona Beach and had dinner at one of the restaurants near the lighthouse on Ponce Inlet. I slept on the pull out couch with Kev, and left the balcony door open so that I could listen to the surf.

Yesterday when we all took a walk on the beach we found two starfish. One of them was still alive, so I threw it back into the surf, hoping that would help. The other one we found was already dead, so we left it alone. We also saw several jellyfish washed ashore. It's a bit cool to swim in the ocean at this time of year (at least if you live in Florida and are wimpy, like we are), so we didn't go into the water. The kids did swim a bit in the pool, though. That was pretty cold too, because the heater isn't turned on until January when most of the snowbirds come down.

We are planning to leave around 2 to make it home in time for Catie to attend her friend Abby's birthday party, which is being held at a kid's art studio in Baldwin Park. We'll also need to allow enough time to stop somewhere and buy a Webkinz, the preferred present for 8 year olds.

We weren't going to be able to stay for the 3:30 launch of the space shuttle, but now the launch has been scrubbed until January 2.

We left Jumper at home, because it's difficult having her here because we have to walk her several times a day. We take Jo with us because he's better trained and can be trusted to go on walks with us without a leash and not take off. Also, Gene and Nora had Minnie with them and 3 dogs in this small condo would be a bit much. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach in Volusia County, so we can't even let them go out and have a swim, which Jumper would really love.

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