Monday, December 03, 2007


Wax Lips

Kevin went on a field trip to St. Augustine with his class on Thursday, and they spent the morning touring the historical sites such as Castillo de San Marcos and the oldest school building in the U.S. In the afternoon they had some free time to do some shopping, and Kev got me something he knew I would love - wax lips!

Kevin has a great memory. A few months ago he asked me about what kind of candy I used to eat when I was a little girl, and I told him about going to the penny candy store near our house (I think it was called Jim's) and buying wax lips. I couldn't remember if we actually ATE the wax. I certainly hope we didn't. Anyway, Kev thought of me when he saw the wax lips for sale and he bought me some.

This brings back some vague memories....I believe we called it "dirty jim's". Not sure if he was a perve or the store was just dirty.
Kev, I really like playing with a large flat screen TV. Just mail it to my house. Thanks.
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