Monday, December 17, 2007


Cold Front

It's 39 degrees in Winter Park this morning. That's pretty cold. Catie was so cold that she is risking the Dean's wrath and wore black leggings under her uniform skort. Tights OK; leggings not OK. She also wore her purple "mink" jacket, so it's not like she'll blend in when she arrives at school. Their school has a strict uniform code, and last month she was written up for wearing a jean skirt on Spirit Day that was more than 4" above her knees, with contraband leggings. AND her socks were the wrong type. It's hard for a fashion queen to wear a uniform.

A cold front moved in yesterday, and I woke up to the sound of wind and hail, and then a huge explosion that sounded like a cannon boom. A huge branch from one of the trees next to our house had crashed onto our fence, bringing down some power lines, and I guess the boom was the sound of the transformer blowing up. That was a dramatic way to wake up. The power crews arrived within the hour, and had the power back on 3 hours later. Not bad for a Sunday morning!

We had to rush down to Gap as soon as it opened at noon to buy Kevin a pair of slacks to wear to lunch at the Citrus Club. He realized on Saturday night that he didn't own a pair of non-jeans long pants that fit him. He wears shorts to school every day. He's now a 14 husky, and wears a size 10 shoe. Cate bought a red with black pockadots (is that the correct spelling - looks weird, but then again I'm hardly awake) shirt, and put together a rather smart looking outfit with red tights and a black skirt. I'll write more about the lunch when I get the photos downloaded.

cold. It's not even winter yet and we have already had more snow than all of last year and it was zero degrees this morning. We are all hoping it gets up to 39 deg tomorrow.
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