Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Family Dinner

Alex and Tiana came over for dinner last night, and Alex prepared roast lamb. It was delicious! Alex doesn't work on Tuesday nights, and so we normally have dinner together on Tuesdays. Reggie also came over for dinner.

Today I am cleaning the house to get in back into pre-Thanksgiving week condition, and then I'm going to the kids' school to attend their Book Fair. I also have to return the new jeans I bought Kev (too small) and get a size 14 husky. This morning I noticed that we are almost the same size. When did that happen?! He needs the jeans because tomorrow he is going to St. Augustine with his class on a field trip. They are going to visit the old Spanish fort there, which Kev loves. They have to be at school by 7 am tomorrow, and they'll be back by 6 pm.

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