Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Catie's Red Letter Day

When Catie is in the car, we have to listen to Radio Disney. For those of you who are familiar with Radio Disney, you know that there are lots of opportunities for listeners to call in for a variety of contests and prize opportunities. You can also call to request a song. The problem is, it's pretty hard to get through on their 1-888 number, and Catie has only managed to get through a couple of times to make her request.

Yesterday on the way to school I was driving in my normal too early to be driving morning haze, when Kev, who was listening to Radio Disney, suggested that we should try to win the current contest and be the 10th called to call Radio Disney. I figured I'd humor him, because I figured THAT would never happen, because it is a national radio channel on XM, and I knew we'd never get through. Surprise, surprise, on my 3rd try a voice announced cheerfully: "Radio Disney!". Catie got so flustered when I handed her my phone that she started to stammer out a request, when Kev reminder her she should ask if she was the 10th caller. "Guess what, Catie! You are the 10th caller!". I thought all she had to be was the 10th called and she would win something, but then there was a quiz: she had to identify 3 songs contained in a little snippet which they played for her. It wasn't live, which I thought was strange, because on the radio these little interactions with kids sounded live.

Cate knew 2 of the songs, but couldn't identify the first one, so the announcer kept giving her clues, and she kept guessing. On about her fourth try, she got it right, and said: "Catie! You won!" What she won was a chance in a drawing, and the winner of that drawing will get a phone call from the Jonas Brothers, which would have been like getting a chance to have the Beatles call me. Cate is pretty excited, and is working on what she'll say to the Jonas Brothers.

By this point, we were at school, and so Cate didn't hear her very much edited telephone conversation on the air, which played a few minutes later.

Big news! Good luck, Cate.
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