Friday, November 23, 2007


Catie's Big Day

We're having Catie's birthday party tonight, (as Cate says "It's Great to be 8!") and she has been planning this event for weeks. She has invited 5 girls over for a sleepover, and I think most of them will be able to come. Tiana started running a fever last night and went home early, so we hope she'll be better by tonight. One the agenda for this evening: Dance Dance Revolution, making gingerbread men, manicures and pedicures. No doubt Cate has some other activities planned as well. We have to go out and face the shopping hordes later today to pick up prizes for Dance Dance Revolution.

Some of the parents are coming over for dinner, which will be nice. Now I just have to get the house picked up from yesterday so that it looks somewhat presentable.

It's a gray, rainy kind of day, so I'm not exactly motivated to get anything done.

Happy birthday Catie! From the Gomez family:)
Happy Birthday Catie from the Batemans. We are friends of your brother. We live in Saipan.
Hi, I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday. Your uncle is a great guy and doing valuable work on Saipan, so don't hate him too much for missing your birthday. Me, my wife, and son live in Mongolia now, but we'll be coming stateside one of these days. Look for us at
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