Saturday, November 17, 2007


Bike Riding

Our intention was so get up early on Saturday and go bike riding right away, and then drive over to the beach for the weekend.

Well, we all ended up sleeping in until about 9:30 am, which is very unusual for us, but all those 6 am mornings all week have a way of catching up to you. I thought we should clean the house first, which we did, and then we had to drive over to the Cortland house to replace the rental sign that was stolen yesterday (who steals rental signs!), go the library to check if they had the WWII book Kev wanted (they did), go see Wendy to bring her some Airborne, and go the Post Office. Meantime I got a call from someone who wanted to see the Cortland house, who said they would be right there in 10 minutes (they weren't, but they did come 30 minutes later, so we spent some time pulling weeds while we waited. Then off to Publix for subs, when home to eat, and we were on our bikes by 3.

Cate, it turned out, had forgotted how to ride a bike, so we spent about an hour coaching her to overcome her fear of falling off the bike. Then we rode/walked to Winter Park high school to ride in the parking lot, where Catie had lots of room to practice. Her bike riding skills finally kicked in and she did great. I don't think I have been in that parking lot since I gave Angelo a lesson in driving my Subaru many years ago.

We then found the bike path, and rode for a few minutes until we decided to call it a day and went home around 5.

We're going to go pick up Tiana and head for the beach for the night. Ghost crab hunting here we come!

it was nice to speak to you on the phone. you sound very energetic and young. hehe. OMG, and and I am so happy to have Angelo back.
This is great info to know.
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