Sunday, July 08, 2007


Tina's Birthday at Paseo de Stella

We've had a busy week. On July 4th I went to yoga class at the Friend's School with my friend Tina, and Kevin and Catie played with her kids Max and Isabella around the school. There's a playground there, and they managed to keep pretty busy for the duration of the class. After class everyone came to our house for a spaghetti dinner.

On Thursday I helped Tina with some decluttering and space clearing in her house. We went through all her clothes, and put aside everything that she doesn't use or love for her to donate. Kevin and Catie helped Max and Isabella to do the same. The next step is to do some feng shui!

Tina's birthday was on Friday, and we spent most of the day at her house. First we went hiking behind the Monteverde Institute, which is close to their house. We were a good sized group: Tina, Ricardo, Max, Isabella, Kevin, Catie and me plus our two dogs and their two dogs. We hiked into the back part of the Monteverde Reserve, and then down to a stream where the kids took off their shoes and socks and waded around in the freezing cold water. Jumper and Montey enjoyed the swimming too. We heard a lot of bellbirds (bonk!) but we didn't actually see any.

After our hike we walked down to Paseo de Stella, a fairly new business in Monteverde, which has a bat museum (click on link in the title for more information, a history museum about the Monteverde area and the Quakers who settled here, a gift shop and and the Argentine Cafe. We ate at the Cafe, and the food and ambience was great. Lily, our rent-a-dog, made the mistake of climbing out on the very slippery tile roof, and almost fell off. We were told by the worker who rescued her that another dog had fallen off the roof the week before and sustained fatal injuries. Luckily Lily was fine. We walked back to Ricardo and Tina's house, and had chocolate birthday cake and ice cream. Yum!

So are you bringing the new dog back with you?
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