Saturday, July 14, 2007


I've Been Tagged by Angelo

which means that I have to write something about the last time I experienced different emtions. Here goes... I'll do it in the opposite order from Angelo, as I was left with a very strong emotion after reading his list:

Last time I was surprised: Reading Angelo's list on his blog that EJ told him this week she is pregnant. At least this announcement didn't knock the wind out of me (not sure how to describe that emotion!) the way Alex's did when he showed me a stack of photos upon returning from Saipan after his dad first became ill and among the photos was a sonogram. I was so surprised that time my legs got weak and I had to sit down. When's the wedding Angelo? We're planning to be there for Christmas if you want to wait until then!

Last time I was afraid: riding a horse down a slippery grassy slope on our farm last month.

Last time I was exhausted: Thursday night after an hour of "Zumba"; a combination salsa/aerobics/modern dance class.

Last time I was happy: I'm pretty happy most of the time, especially in Costa Rica where life is so tranquilo. Actually, I'm pretty happy that EJ is pregnant because I thought Angelo never wanted children, and I was afraid he would miss out on life's greatest gift. I'm pretty happy that I'm going to be a Nana again.

Last time I was depressed: I haven't been really depressed in a long time.

Last time I was frustrated: Last week I was trying to send money by wire transfer to a business partner in San Jose. I went to the bank here 4 times, and each time met with failure. I always needed some other piece of information that they had neglected to tell me the time before. Added to this was the attitude of the clerk in the bank who talked in front of me like I couldn't understand every word she was saying. Anyway, on the fifth try it went through.

Last time I was sad: Last week I was missing my life in Florida, missing Alex and Tiana and only seeing the downside of living in Costa Rica. To cheer up the kids and I went out to dinner at Tramonti and ate pizza and it helped a lot.

Last time I was angry: In the process of moving into our new house someone stole Kevin's IPod from his bedroom. Who would stoop so low to steal from a 9 year old kid?

Did you read the comments from that post? Obviously not.

I said I was joking about EJ being pregnant...sorry to disappoint you.
I wouldn't do that to you. When I have a kid or get married, you'll get a proper email.
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