Saturday, July 14, 2007


Finca Agroturistica Santamaria

Yesterday Liam came over to hang out with Kevin, so in the afternoon to give them something to do we walked up the street to the Santamaria's soda (small family run restaurant) to hang out with the Santamaria kids. Nicollette, Ryan and Jackson came along for the walk, as well as their new zaguate (street dog) Ginger and Lily. It's all uphill, so it's a bit of hike, and Nic had to carry Jackson, because at 2 he's not quite ready for hiking.
The Santamaria's are a family of 9 brothers, most of whom still live in the area. Two years ago they formed the Finca Agroturistica Santamaria as a community gathering place. They just finished a huge play area behind the soda, complete with see-saws, swings made out of old feed bags and a soccer field. There's also a covered area outside with a mechanical bull. I haven't seen the mechanical bull in action, so I don't know how it works. It's basically an old oil drum covered with blankets with a tail attached.
Kevin and Catie went to school last year with the Santamaria kids, so they know everyone there, which makes it easier. Also, all the kids are bilingual and I've noticed that they tend to talk together in both Spanisha and English.
We spent the afternoon there and ate a late lunch. The food is great; the kids and I both had arroz con pollo and they also had french fries. We let Jumper loose so she could run around with all the kids, but that was a mistake as she headed straight for the cow poop and rolled around in it. Whew!! Kevin had to give her a bath as soon as we got home.
The other night Kev went on a Night Tour that the Santamaria's arrange, and he had a great time. He saw a sloth, racoons, tarantula, motmot, bats, opposum and a poison dart frog.

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