Monday, July 02, 2007


Coffee Tour Walk

Almost every day the kids and I and whatever kid or kids happen to be playing at our house for the day take a walk through the Don Juan Coffee Tour farm. The farm is actually right below our house, and the main building has a fantastic red tile roof that you can see from our porch. It was constructed in traditional Tico style, made out of wood with huge beams and a very high ceiling.
There are two entrances to the farm, and we sometimes alternate between which way we walk to the farm. The kids like the main entrace better because they think it's an easier walk. I disagree because that way we end up with a practically vertical climb at the end to reach the main road. They don't seem to mind this, as they generally run through the fields checking out the guava trees looking for ripe guavas, which just happen to be Catie's favorite fruit. The Cruz family, who own the farm, dammed up part of the stream that runs through their property to make a duck pond. They have a number of ducks, swans and geese swimming in the pond. Jumper is determined to get one of them, so I have to keep her on a really short lead when we walk by the pond.
We normally take a walk just before dinner. I figure it helps us all to work up a good appetite, and by that time of the day it's cooler. We're going to skip our walk tonight because we're going to Deb and Liam's house for dinner.

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