Friday, July 20, 2007


Buscando Nacientes

Today we went over to our farm to hike and to find the fastest way to get to the springs. If we had listened to Kevin, we would have found them a lot quicker, but I was sure that I knew the way so I insisted that we go my way first. We got a bit lost and ended up near the bottom of a waterfall in a banana grove. There were lots of banana peels on the ground, so I imagine that there must be monkeys that hang around down there. I knew we were close to the spring, so Kevin and I hiked to the top of the highest ridge to get some perspective. Kev was getting a little cranky because we kept slipping in the mud, and it was hard going getting to the top. After all that work hiking to top, it didn't do us any good because it looked like the spring should have been where it wasn't, if that makes any sense. So then we had to hike all the back down again, being careful to walk in the very narrow cow paths.

We hiked along another ridge and eventually found the springs. Jumper loved it; it was very wet and muddy and she had a good time sitting in the mud. We decided we'd find the shortest route to the other spring, and this time we listened to Kevin so we found it fairly quickly. The path leading to this spring was extremely muddy and I slipped and my hiking book sunk ankle deep in gooey mud. I also had to sit down a few times to avoid falling down, so my jeans were pretty disgusting by the time we got home.

I'm fascinated with language, and how different languages express ideas differently. In Spanish, for example the movie Finding Nemo is translated as Buscando Nemo (Looking for Nemo), which to me means something entirely different. Finding Nemo is so much more confident in the outcome. Anyway, that's why this entry is called Buscando Nacientes (Looking for Springs) instead of Finding Springs, because I wasn't sure that we would actually find them.

I'm starting to really know my way around the farm, which is a good feeling. When we used to hike there before I used to get nervous when we got a little lost. I have a much better sense of direction. It's not that big, but at 140 acres or so, it's big enough to get somewhat lost in.

A friend of mine here gives massages, and she came to the casita this afternoon after our hike to give Jim and me massages. What a treat! She's also studying to be a chiropractor and made some adjusments on me.

Liam went with us hiking, and is spending the night tonight here with us. He is so excited to be on his first sleepover with us! We went out earlier tonight to eat arroz con pollo at the Santamaria's soda, then drove to Poca a Poca to see if they had the new Harry Potter movie (they did, but in Spanish, so Kevin figured he'd give it a try), then drove up to Sabores in Cerro Plano for brownie delights and ice cream. What a night! Liam was asleep by 9 p.m., I think. Catie lost interest in the movie and went to sleep but Kevin is still watching the movie. We're going to Chunches in the morning so he can buy the new Harry Potter book.

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