Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Don Carlos' Farm in La Lindora

Don Carlos Salas takes care of our farm for us. He and his wife Noemi live in La Lindora, a small village located about 15 minutes outside of Santa Elena. From his farm, he has a beautiful view of our farm, pictured in the photo below. Our farm starts just after the second peak from the left, and extends to where the mountain is obscured a bit by the trees in the forground. That's Carlos and Jim in the second photo.

Don Carlos wanted Kevin and Catie to come and see his twin cows; one set, the white ones, were born three weeks ago, and the golden ones were born about 12 hours before the photos were taken. Twins are not that common, and so Carlos was incredibly lucky having two sets of twins born in a month. He invited Kevin and Catie to come and work the farm with him, and they will most likely go work with him tomorrow or the next day. His day starts at 5 a.m., and I don't think we'll get there that early.


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