Saturday, June 16, 2007


Traffic in Monteverde

Driving in Monteverde can be a challenge. These are some pictures from last week. We ran into this herd of cows who had apparently escaped from a farm, as no one was with them, on the road from our farm. The rickity bridge leads to Manolo and Beth's house, and isn't as dangerous as it looks. It's supported by huge steel beams underneath. The third photos was taken on the public road that runs next to our farm. Our farm is on the right side of the road. We left the car that day at the main gate, and walked for a mile or so. The road is pretty slippery due to the clay in the road, and it was safer to walk.
We're still in San Jose, and will be returning to Monteverde later today. Our car is finally ready; it was supposed to be ready June 4, the day the kids and I arrived. It also passed inspection yesterday, which is great news. We'll go pick it up in about an hour, and head for home. We want to make it home by 4 pm for a party at Nicolette and Ran's house.

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