Thursday, June 14, 2007


Random Pictures

These are some pictures of our first week in Monteverde. We went hiking along the road next to our farm, and Jumper loved the mud/cow poop puddles. Jim had to give her a bath as soon as we got home. Last year we used to make her run all the way home when she was so dirty, but she's not capable of doing that anymore, so we had to let her in the car.
We went to see Don Enrique at his stable, and while Kevin was riding one of his horse Ryan and Catie played with a kitten. I couldn't figure out later that day why Catie had so many bug bites until I saw these pictures and realized they were flea bites.
The main road through Santa Elena/Monteverde is now paved! The pavement begins just outside Santa Elena where the guy used to collect a road toll, and ends just past the gas station in Monteverde on one end, and just past the soccer field in Santa Elana. Some of the country charm is lost with paved roads, but it makes life so much more pleasant. There is less dust, and no potholes to fall into.

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