Sunday, June 24, 2007


Lily on Loan

Catie has been bugging us for a puppy since we got here. She really misses JoJo and wanted to have a puppy to play with while we are here in Monteverde. In the past, finding a puppy wasn't very difficult as there were so many street dogs (zaguates) it was a simple matter to rescue a dog. In the past year or so, however, there has been a real effort to get people to neuter their animals, and this has virtually eliminated the street dog population in Santa Elena and Monteverde.

When we were at ICE trying to get fast internet access (it should take about 20 days) I asked a friend who works there if she knew of anyone who had any puppies, as we hadn't been successful in finding a zaguate for Catie. She said there weren't any more dogs on the street because they were all at her mother's house, and suggested that we ask her mother for a puppy. We got directions to her house, which is located just next to the Ranario (Frog Pond), and the next day we went to visit Dona Virginia.

We drove up and knew we had the right house because they were about 10 dogs who ran out to greet us. Dona Virginia came out, and I introduced myself and told her I was a friend of her daughter, and asked if I could borrow one of her dogs for about 2 months so Catie could have a puppy to play with. She thought about it for a minute, clarified that I didn't want to KEEP the dog, just borrow it, and then said Catie could have her pick, but she suggested that she choose Lily as she is very gentle. Lily looks like a minature Rottweiler, and appeared to be very timid. She's pretty smart, however, because as soon as we got her in the car and started to drive away she jumped out of the window. Dona Virginia called her and calmed her down, and this time I rolled up the windows before we drove away.

Jumper is not thrilled with the new temporary addition to the family. Lily is very nervous around her, and barks at her, which annoys Jumper, and then Jumper tries to bite Lily. This is her 3rd day with us and both of the dogs are getting used to each other. Lily probably wonders in her dog brain what kind of crazy people she is living with, as Catie dresses her up like a ballerina, made her a dog bed and sleeps with her every night. I'm sure this dog never went into Dona Virginia's house.


Do you have any more info on the neuter program?
I'll find out!
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