Thursday, March 22, 2007


Save the Date!

Catie's jazz and ballet recital is May 19th! She wants us to buy out the front row, so let us know if you want a ticket. OBS is a little vague on the details, so I'm not sure if she has two recitals or she dances twice in one recital. I'm sure I'll find out eventually. Cate brought home her jazz recital today, and she's pretty happy about it. It's made out of shiny, mylar like material and fits her like a glove. I had to take it away and hide it so she doesn't wear it out before the show.

She'll wear a tutu for the ballet recital, and I'm sure that will also be coming home soon. She has a pretty busy day on Thursday, as she dances from 5-7 pm. That's a pretty long day for a seven year old.

Kev's a pretty busy guy too. On Thursdays he has Boy Scouts, followed by fencing and math tutoring at Kumon. He's been doing a lot of reading lately, and is almost done with the last Harry Potter book. He'll be ready for the new one when it comes out this summer. Tomorrow he has a big test on the multiplication tables, so he's been practicing a lot to get them right. He got all As and one A- on his report card this week.

I've joined a different choir. I decided to leave the Sweet Adelines because I found the Thurday night rehearsals from 7-10 too difficult given all of Kevin and Catie's activities on Thursdays. I'm singing now with the Easter Choir for Unity Church, and really enjoying it. We're a small choir - there are only about 10 of us - and it's a lot more fun. Our Director performs at the Peabody Hotel every Friday and Saturday night, so we may go to hear her play the piano.

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