Monday, March 05, 2007


Catie Ballerina

We just got home from Orlando Ballet. Catie has ballet class tonight for an hour, and then again on Thursday for 2 hours. Tiana and I stayed and watched her class. They are getting ready for their recital on May 19 (only 8 more classes to practice their dance their teacher kept reminding them!) which will be held at a local high school. Catie is really dancing, and it's wonderful to watch. She is the smallest one in the class, and not as advanced as the older girls, but she's doing so well.

Tiana is doing karate every day after school and has her yellow belt. She is very happy to demonstrate the new moves she has learned.

Jim, Alex, Kevin and Sarah went to a Magic game tonight. They have great seats, right near the cheerleaders.
I had a crazy, busy day but at least I started it right with a yoga class. I missed two weeks of classes last week because I've had a bad cold, but I'm getting back into my schedule this week. Tomorrow I'll be back to my Tuesday/Thursday schedule of water aerobics.

Can you believe that I've been gone for almost 2 years?
Yes I can believe it! We miss you! Kevin misses you like crazy.
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