Sunday, January 28, 2007


Pinewood Derby

Kevin participated in the Pinewood Derby today with his troop. It wasn't quite the fiasco it was when Angelo did this twenty years ago, but it was close. When Angelo did it, Molly and I didn't realize you were supposed to actually make the block of wood look like a car; we just had Mike and Angelo stick the wheels on and off we went to the race. Big mistake. So, I knew better this time, but just didn't get around to making a great car in time. We were still painting the car this morning, and putting on the stickers. Kevin went on line and found cool hazard signs (radiation, poison, ect. ) which I printed on stickers for him.
To make a long story short, he came in 3rd from last overall in his division, so there's nowhere to go but up next year. He did get a nice participation trophy.
On a more positive note, Jumper is doing quite well. We went to see her after the race, and were happy to see that the IV drip had been removed from her leg, and delighted to hear the lab tech say that she had been up walking around earlier. She walked several times, each time eventually losing her balance and falling down. I think that is amazing. The vet keeps wanting us to take her home, but I want her to stay in the hospital until she 's a little stronger.
Normally Alex and T come over for dinner on Sunday, but T was sick on Friday night when I picked her up, and now it's Alex's time to be sick. I hope we'll see them tomorrow.

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