Sunday, July 23, 2006


A Day at the Beach

Alex and my nephew Mikey and Alex's friend Kaya came by for a visit yesterday. We had a fun day swimming in the ocean and pool and hanging out on the beach. Alex and Kevin did some fishing and Alex caught a fish on his first cast. We also put up Angelo's canopy - thanks, Angelo! - which made sitting on the beach bearable. It is really hot. We left the canopy on the beach when we went up to the condo, and were surprised to see it blow away and head north down the beach. We all ran to the beach, and chased it into the dunes, where luckily it had snagged itself on a beach fence. No harm done; we took off the cover, and carried the frame back to the front of the condo.

Jeanne and Carter came over yesterday too and spent the night. The kids had a lot of fun digging on the beach at twilight, and then had a late night swim. This morning I was the first one up, and noticed from the balcony that a sea turtle had laid its eggs in one of the holes that the kids dugged. The Sea Turtle folks showed up about an hour later to stake off the nest. The gestation period is 60-72 days, so with a lot of luck we might get to see the turtles hatch sometime in September.

I'm glad the tent is getting some use. I really liked that tent.
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