Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Back on Track

We have had a busy two weeks. Kevin finished second grade at the Cloud Forest School, Catie graduated from Prepa, we went to Tamarindo for a weekend and we had a 5 day visit from our friends Mark, Susan, Adam and Eva from Lake Highland. And my computer crashed, and I just got it back today.

Kev had had a rough two weeks, which is one of the reasons I haven't written much lately. He came down with swollen glands and had to take antibiotics, and then got bronchitis and had to take more antibiotics. He missed about a week of school, which wasn't fun because he missed a couple of field trips. He did make it to the Bat Jungle, which he enjoyed. You may notice that he is wearing a sling in his class picture. When we were hiking on our farm he fell off the mountain and ripped a muscle in his arm. It helped the pain to wear the sling, and it looked pretty cool too. Just as this arm was healing, he fell again and hurt his other arm. He's all better now! We brought Imperial (his horse) home a couple of days ago, and he's enjoying taking care of him and riding more.

Cate's graduation was on Friday at the Galeron Cultural. She graduated with the 6th, 9th and 11th grades. She is officially ready for 1st grade! It was a very nice ceremony, and afterwards we all went out to dinner at Mar y Tierra and then had dessert at Sofias.

Cate lost her second tooth today, and is waiting for the Ratoncito leave her some money. Apparently the tooth fairy doesn't make the rounds here to collect baby teeth, but a big rat does. If the Ratoncito does show up no doubt Jo will attack him. Last night the neighbor's dog snuck into our house through Jo's cat door, and Jo sounded an alarm that must have woken up the neighborhood. Jo is very protective of Catie and sleeps cuddled up to her every night. He now has his paperwork to come back to the U.S. with us. We just have to have it stamped by the Ministerio de Salud in San Jose. In case anyone was wondering, Imperial is staying in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica plays Ecuador on June 15th. Go Wachope! The World Cup fever in Costa Rica is incredible. There is so much national pride that Costa Rica is playing. The game airs here at 7 am, so I imagine that we'll combine breakfast at Maravilla with watching the game.

I would be terrified at the thought of a rat coming into my room at night to collect my teeth from under my pillow! I would request a special visit from the tooth fairy if I were you Cate.
"he fell off the mountain"

Do you know what kind of image that brings up in my head?
And Jill

...that's because you are a girl.
I imagine that it conjures up the vision of the stable boy tumbling down the mountain in Princess Bride shouting "As you wish..."?
Poor Costa Rica. Going home.

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