Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sunday at the Galeron Cultural

We had a busy day today. Ricardo and Tina Sander and their two children Max and Isabella and their dog Monty came over for lunch today. We all went for a walk on the coffee tour and all the dogs went for a swim in the stream. Jumper is becoming more civilized - I walk with her on the leash until we get to the coffee farm, and then I let her loose. She plays and runs for about 30 minutes, and then I sit down until she approaches me, and I catch her and put her back on the leash. Thank you Mike Montgomery for teaching us this trick! I have been taking her out every morning once the kids leave for school, and so I think she has learned that she needs to let me put the leash back on her.

We came back to the house and had fish and chicken for lunch, with rice and salad. Kevin made brownies, and we had them with ice cream for dessert. The fish is one that Jim caught in Tamarindo. I think it was wahoo.

At 3:30 we went up to Monteverde to the Galeron Cultural with our neighbors Nicolette, Ryan and Jackson to see what we thought would be a puppet show. It was packed! We knew a lot of people there, and the kids had fun because a lot of their friends were there, and they could run and play before the show started. The show started with a huge inflated figure who was shaped like a building and was called Nacionalito. Aha! I figured it out - the show was sponsored by Banco Nacional and this was a plug for the bank. The MC called children up by grade levels and asked them simple mathematical questions, and everyone got prizes. Kev and Catie didn't go up because it was all in Spanish, and then felt somewhat intimidated.

The room was overly crowded, it was very hot and it was hard to see the see the stage, and as Kev and Cate weren't understanding much anyway, we went and sat outside and they played some more. The adults laughed about the inflatable building person; we figured he would be downing a lot of beer tonight to compensate for how hot he must have been inside that plastic suit. On a somber note, it would appear that Banco Nacional is at least working on community relations/public relations by sponsoring these cultural events, following last year's bank assult when 9 people died and many more were injured in the bank. I think it's great that they are offering these programs in the community.

It's a school night, so we'll all go to bed early. Most nights we are all in bed by 8 pm. It's light by 5 am, so we tend to go to bed and get up early.

I'm the bank, I'm the bank, I'm the bank, I'm the bank, I'm the bank...
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