Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Our House

A friend of a friend wanted to see some pictures of our houses here, and I realized that I had never posted any pictures of the houses in Santa Elena on my blog! I'll put some pictures of the main house on today, and of the guest house tomorrow. The main house is a two story two-bedroom two-bath chalet style home built by a friend of ours from Austria. There is a wrap around porch, and a back porch area where we have an outside sink, storage, and a washer and drier. The first floor has a bedroom and bath, living room and kitchen. The second floor is a loft with one bedroom, one bath and a nook where Catie sleeps and has her books and toys. The house has a beautiful view of the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific side that changes from day to day, depending on the weather. Today we are in a cloud, and I can barely see the mountains much less the ocean!

"The house has a beautiful view of the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific side"

That discription does not do it justice. How about:

While sitting in a rocking chair on the back porch, you can look down at the entire Western half of Costa Rica. Your panoramic view stretches from the Nicaragua border to the Northwest, through Guanacaste, down across the Nicoya peninsula, and south towards panama. During the day you might see a rainbow, a toucan, or any number of birds. At dusk you are bound to see bats darking between the trees and at night you might see cities on the coast. You also might not see anything at all. They don't call it the cloud forest for nothing.
a few typos in that comment.

I'm going to post one of those "you can't see anything" photos. Right now, you can barely see your hand in front of your face on the front porch. It's freaking Jumper out.
By the way, I prefer your description!
Connie Quichocho tried commenting on your blog, but ended up emailing your post to me. It's all good....I'll send you her email address.
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