Monday, May 08, 2006


Just Another Manic Monday

I missed putting out the trash by about 2 minutes this morning... if I don't get the trash out before 7 am it's too late. And of course I can't put it out the night before because every dog in the neighborhood would come and make confetti out of it. The kids barely made it to the bus this morning. I said we would have to walk to school (a mile away, 90% of it uphill) if they were late. They made it to the bus stop in time.

My neighbor Denise had invited me to walk with her this morning, so I went to her house at 8:30 am with Joe and Jumper. We decided to walk up through La Cruz, a distance of about 3 miles or so. Jumper was behaving so well that once we were off the main road I let her off the leash. She approached a few farm dogs along the way who were amazingly friendly, and so I was completely taken by surprise when she saw three small goats in front of someone's house and ran after them. She managed to catch one of them, and was in the process of trying to bite off a hind leg (or so it appeared) when our screams alerted the inhabitants of the house, who rushed to save the goat. Jumper is lucky they didn't shoot her.

I managed to get Jumper back on her leash, and Denise held her while I went to assess the damage done to the goat. Jumper killed a duck in another neighborhood a few weeks ago, so I wasn't hopeful. Luckily the goat was unharmed, and it turned out that I knew the people in the house. The woman owns the store where we bought our cell phone, and her husband drives the school bus. Oh dear. They were very understanding.

We had dinner tonight (hamburgers and fries) with Nicollette, Ryan and Jackson at the Santamaria Cafeteria, which is a little restaurant up the street from our houses. While we were there the rainy season started, or so it would seem. It started to rain torrentially, and it is still raining heavily now an hour after we're home. This is really the first real rain we've had since we've been here, and we can probably expect that there will be rain like this every day until we leave in June.

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