Saturday, May 13, 2006



The kids are so exicited because Jim is coming home this afternoon. He's been in Winter Park for a month. He arrived last night, but decided not to take a taxi straight up to Monteverde because it is very expensive. He stayed at Mark's house last night and will take a van up later today. The kids are packed and ready to go to Nicaragua for our 3 day trip out of Costa Rica. We're planning to drive to Granada.

We went shopping in town this morning, and also went to the library at the Friend's School. Catie got some Dr. Seuss books, and I got books byAnne Tyler, Nora Roberts and Anna Quindlan, all favorite writers of mine. Kev got a new waterproof jacket in Vitosi's, and while he was trying it on Brandon came over to say hello. Brandon is Kev's friend who was kicked by a horse in the cabalgata two weeks ago. His spleen was hurt, but he's OK now. We bought him a jacket too as a "we're glad you're OK" present. The jackets are the same, so the boys will look pretty smart in the next cabalgata - which I think is tomorrow in Cerro Plano in Monteverde.

Cate bought another pair of sandals. So far Jo has destroyed two pairs of sandals. We also got some cute teddy bear sheets for Catie's bed. We're going to take Jo to the Vet later, and then take a ride down to Idale's house to drop off some sewing projects. I bought some material so she could make cushions for the chairs in the casita. She's also going to make some boxers for Kev and some pj's for Cate. I'm figuring out how to get things done here!

Tonight there is another show at the Galeron Cultural and I can only hope that Nacionalito doesn't make another appearance. It is a recital for all of the children in the area who are taking music lessons. Ricardo and Tina's children Max and Isabela are playing their violins. I'm sure that we will know a lot of the performers.

Last night Kevin and Catie attended their friend Rosie's birthday party. They had a great time between the dancing, the games and the pinata. I'll post some of the pictures here. They knew most of the kids from school.

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy mothers day mom! I love you!
Mother's Day blog comments! We are so cosmopolitan!
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