Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Getting Back to Normal

Cate went off to school today. We didn't get up early enough for her to make the 7:10 am bus, so I drove her to school. Taking the shortcut we are only a mile from the school. It's a treacherous road that rises and turns like a roller coaster, and I have to stop and engage the 4WD before I start the climb. Kev is still running a fever, so he's home for another day. We visited his teacher Jen to get a new pack of homework, and he's home doing it now. He'll just take it easy for another day and hopefully tomorrow he'll be well enough to go back to school.

Our mission today is to mail Tiana her party dresses! I'll go to Chunches to buy some brown paper bags that I can use to cut up and wrap the box. I figure if Angelo's coffee made it to Saipan that I'll entrust the mail system with T's dresses. I'll also buy some cigars today to send to Angelo.
The other goal for the day is to make some cuttings and do some planing around the house. Now that rainy season is here I'm told that all I have to do is cut branches and stick them in the ground and they will grow. We'll see if that's true.

Let's be more specific about the cigars. Angelo doesn't smoke cigars.

Alex, when he was in Saipan in December, promised our cousin Ike a cigar. Ike has been asking me about them since I arrived in Saipan.

He turns 50 in July, and really wants to chew on a stogie in celebration.
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