Friday, May 26, 2006


El Veterinario

Jo finally had his operation today. It was our third trip in as many days to Dr. Villalobos, our veterinarian. He had an appointment on Wednesday at 3 p.m., but when we got there Dr. Villalobos was on the way out the door to see a horse in Monteverde. He had forgotten that it was Wednesday. I frequently forget what day it is, so I understood. So, we tried for Thursday at 3 p.m. Kevin came along so that he could assist with the hernia operation. Dr. Villalobos' office/store is pretty small, so I figured he must do his operations somewhere else. No, he told me that he would do the operation on the same small table he uses to give shots and do exams. He covered it with a little towel, and proceeded to give Jo an injection to calm him down. He waited 8 minutes to give the next injection, which was the anesthesia. Somehow I had had the vision of a little doggie respirator and an IV, but what was I thinking? As he massaged the hernia on his belly Dr. Villalalobs asked, "And he hasn't had anything to eat today, right?" Wrong! He had neglected to mention that little detail. So, he couldn't do the operation for fear that he might cut into his bowels. Poor Jo was practically comotose. We took him home and gradually he got the use of his legs back.

Back to the vet this morning. Kevin skipped school so that he could assist, and Catie decided she needed to watch the operation too. I figured watching the operation would be more instructional than any science class that might have today, so I agreed. Kev sat right next to the operating table, and Catie alternated between inside and out. I sat outside and read the newspaper. Dr. Villalobos called me in to talk to me halfway through. Jo didn't have a hernia; he had a pretty good size tumor, which he had just removed. In Catie's words, it looked like a mushed worm and was disgusting. He was pretty sure that he got it all, and then proceeded to sew up the cut. Catie announced that she didn't think she wanted to be a vet after all.

Cate and Kev went back to school after the operation. Kev was very happy that he hadn't missed his marble party (his teacher puts a marble in a jar every day if the class had been good, and when they accumulate enough marbles they have a party). Cate was happy that she hadn't missed her Reading Buddy from 6th grade who comes every Friday. I was happy to have some time to myself! I stopped and returned the videos which didn't work (most of the time the DVD's from the rental store don't work they are so badly scratched), mailed IKE'S cigars, bought dog food for Dona Marta, bought bread and pastry at the bakery and then went home for a cup of tea.

Jim is returning from San Jose today with the Jeep. He had to get a new battery and new tires, and have a new key made. I hope the rain holds off until he gets up here.

Nurse Kevin, please wipe my brow.
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