Monday, May 15, 2006


The Cabalgata in Cerro Plano

Kevin went on his second cabalgata on Sunday, and I tagged along. This one was right in Monteverde, in Cerro Plano near the bull ring. There is a feria that lasts about 10 days, with carnivals rides, bull riding, dancing and other assorted events. The cabalgata is a major attraction. Kevin rode his horse Imperial, and I borrowed a horse from Don Enrique's stable. I forgot to ask him the horse's name. Some women and a 5 year old boy we hadn't met before rode with us from the stable to Cerro Plano. The other women hadn't ridden much and were feeling a little nervouse, and Don Enrique really enjoyed getting a rise out of them by riding up behind them, whipping the horse on its rear flank and making him gallop. I was actually happy when my horse started to trot, because it felt like we would never get there.

The cabalgata was scheduled to leave at noon. At noon, there were only a few riders registered, so I figured we were in for a wait. The 6,000 colones (about $12) registration fee paid your entrance (with a big number to wear on your shirt or leg), lunch and three drinks. There was also complimentary beer once you signed up, as well as free chicharonnes and yucca. We waited for the other riders to arrive in a big grassy area where there was plenty of room for the horses to graze. The announcement finally came that we would leave at 2 on the dot! Remarkably, we actually started out just after two. The route went from Cerro Plano down to Santa Elana, then up towards Canitas to the soccer field, then around up by the clinic, and back up the back hill to Cerro Plano. The only really tricky part for me was descending the steep hill into Santa Elana because SO MANY horses were sliding down at the same time. Kevin was in front of me, and I decided that if he could do I could do it.

Jim and Catie met us back at the fairgrounds, and we had our lunch in the reception hall. It was a very fun way to spend Mother's Day.

On Tuesday morning we are driving to Nicaragua, and plan to visit Granada, a colonial city. The border is about 4 hours from here, so we plan to get an early start. Our friend Shannon is also coming with us. The kids packed about 3 days ago, so it didn't take much to get ready. I have to throw a few things together before I go to bed. I'll let you know what Granada is like!

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