Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Y mas fotos

And a few more photos from the past weeks.... I'll include some pictures of where we walk to when we go from our house to Raol's stable. We actually have to DRIVE across that bridge to get to Manolo and Beth's house. I shouldn't say we, as I would be afraid to drive over it. Jim drives our huge Land Rover over that bridge. We walk across it to get to the stable. You could also splash through the stream below to get to the other side.

Before we get to the bridge, we walk down a road near our house, and then cut across a neighbor's farm. The next picture is the private road that cuts through their farm, and leads to a coffee farm. We have to duck under barbed wire to get into the coffee farm, and then walk through some woods that belong to the Bell Bird Project. That's our farm in the upper right part of the picture. It's the same view of the farm I have from my bedroom window as I write this.

This next one shows Catie cutting up sugar cane for the horses' snacks. They graze in the meadow, eat hay and grain, and for treats they like sugar cane and bananas. They even eat the banana skins! Note the foot long machete in Cate's hand. Kevin is wisely standing back. Sugar cane is a good kid treat too - you sort of suck on it and chew on it to get all the sugar out.

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