Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We're Back!

It felt good to be back at home after being gone for 4 days. I was a little nervous about leaving Jumper and Joe alone at home, as normally we would leave Jumper with Dona Marta, but now that we have 2 dogs it seemed a bit much to ask her to take them both home with her. I arranged for people to come feed them, and they were both fine. Jump started barking as soon as she heard our car pull into the carport. Joe was so excited to see us that he threw up.
The men went to the market for some supplies, beer and wine, and we had a little party when they got back.
Today we'll give everyone a tour so they can get an idea of what the Monteverde area is like. Jim wants to show Kent the farm, and Kevin wants to take everyone horseback riding. Cate and Chrissy seem quite content to stay home and write scripts for the plays that they then act out. Look out world - this could be quite a duo!

I was going back in my email to find your most recent email address, and I discovered that you'd given me this blog address - apparentely I'd missed it the first time I read the email.

It's been a joy catching up on what you've been up to since you've been down in CR. I'll send you an email with the pretty-serious stuff going on with me these days.

Jim Daniel
I have to second what Jim is saying. It is a joy to keep up with you guys. I'm glad to be seeing the world, but it is hard being away from everybody.
Love you guys! Jim, I'm thinking about you. Keep in touch.
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