Monday, April 10, 2006


Semana Santa

We headed down to San Jose on Thursday afternoon to spend two days with the DeMeos before we met up with the Kelly clan at the airport on Saturday. Normally it takes us about 4 hours to get to John's, but this time we had some car trouble on the way, and we had to take it a lot slower. I'm getting better at diagnosing car problems, and fixing them. John had his mechanics fix up the car for us, so going to the airport, and then later to the beach was no problem.

We met Kent and his family (daughter Anita, husband John and Johnny and Chrissy) at the airport after a trip to the peluqueria where Jim, Kevin and Catie all got their hair cut. Catie DID NOT like her haircut, as the hairdresser trimmed it quite a bit, and was only pleased when Chrissy told her she looked like Lucy Pevense (of Narnia fame). Speaking of Narnia, I was very happy to have the DVD in the car for the kids to watch. It made the 4.5 hour trip to the beach go quickly.

The beach was great! On Sunday we drove to Playa Grande and spent some time playing in the water until the waves got too rough. Then back to the hotel for more time in the pool. We had a fantastic tuna dinner at a beachside restaurant, and Johnny and Catie fell asleep before they finished eating.

On Monday, the men/boys went fishing on a 40 foot boat in search of mahi-mahi. They returned 5 hours later with about 40 pounds of a variety of fish, which I imagine will take all week to eat. They were told that you can see the pictures online at The women/girls hit the beach for some body surfing, and then we visited the pool at the Diria, which was fun.

On the drive back to Monteverde we stopped in Santa Cruz for lunch. Santa Cruz is the biggest city on the Nicoya Peninsula, and is a typical Tico town, built around a town square. After being in Monteverde for 2 months it was exciting to be in a reasonably good size town. We drove in search of a restaurant, parked the car on the town square and found a Chinese restaurant. The food was fantastic! We asked a patron what he thought of the food, and he told us that he had driven from Liberia just to eat at this restaurant. Liberia is about an hour from Santa Cruz, so we figured the food had to be good, and it was.

Then back on the road up the mountain to Monteverde. We got home around 5:30 just in time for the sunset.

I am enjoying your blog and pictures. I have a blog to journal my adventures from deciding to go on a trip to CR until I will finally move there. My blog is Planning, Trip, Live in Costa Rica one day!!! I am enjoying the blogs and my research on the net as well as reading several good books by expats. I'd like to be able to ask you some questions if that would be okay with you. Thanks.
Uh oh, you're developing a following!
Did you see the mahi that one of Dad's friends gave me?

and the pictures aren't up yet
Your pictures are great! Check
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