Sunday, April 23, 2006


Flat Stanley

Catie received the following email letter from her teacher at LHPS, Mrs. Walker:

Dear Catie,

In school we read a book about a boy who got smashed by a bulletin board. His name is Flat Stanley. He wanted to go on a trip, so his family folded him up and mailed him to California. I am mailing my Flat Stanley to you. Please take him somewhere and write me back at school telling me where he went. If you take any pictures please mail them along with Flat Stanley to my school during the week of April 24th.

Thank you for helping me on this project. I wish I could fold myself up and visit you!.


Mrs. Walker

We miss and love you.

Dear Mrs. Walker,

Thank you for sending Flat Stanley for a visit! We are sending photos of him by email because regular mail takes a long time from Costa Rica. Here are some pictures of Flat Stanley with me, Kevin and my dogs Jumper and Jo.
Stanley also came to my school, called the Cloud Forest School, for a day. Jo also came, because I was Star of the Week, and I wanted to share him. This is a picture of my building at my school, and our playground. Some kids climb trees during recess. There is also a picture of my friend Liam in a tree, and some of my other friends.

I miss you too and I wish that everyone in my class in K-F could come and visit me!

Love, Catie

Catie, loved your flat stanley pictures! Such a great story. We all enjoy reading about your adventures. Auntie Judy
I remember having my own Flat Stanley, many, many moons ago...

I remember when Joey Stacy's Flat Stanley went to my Senior Prom...

I remember Kevin's Flat Stanley, but I'm not to sure what he did...
oh yeah, and I gave Auntie Connie your blog address.
Kevin's Flat Stanley went to Cape Cod. Judy made some great photoshop postcards of Stanley in the dunes of Cape Cod.
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