Thursday, March 30, 2006



We have had a busy week. Mike Montgomery and his two daughters Alexa and Taylor came for a visit over the weekend. They arrived around 2:30 pm on Friday, March 24. We visited our neighbors' Rosewood Souvenir shop, where our neighbor sells wood bowls and wood objects d'art that he makes in his workshop. He also has an amazing garden behind his shop, which attracts lots of birds. He showed us a hummingbird nest in a small tree, which had a just hatched hummingbird in it. It was so tiny! We went to dinner at Marquez in town.

Jim and his assistant and friend Dorothy Chadwick arrived really late that night. They took a taxi up from San Jose and made it here in under 3 hours. I think that beats Jim's record.

On Saturday the kids and Jim and Mike went on 4x4's, and went up to the farm to drive around. Taylor drove a 4x4 and did a great job. In the afternoon we all went horseback riding on the farm with Raol. Dorothy was awesome! Kevin and Alexa rode for hours; we all rode for 2 and a half hours, and then Mike, Taylor, Alexa and Kevin rode with Raol back to stable. When they got to the stable, Lex and Kev kept riding in the meadow there. Jim bought Kev his horse, although Raol will keep him at the stable for now. More about that later.

On Sunday we all went to Selvature, where Dorothy and I walked on the hanging bridges, and everyone else did the ziplines. They had a blast, and everyone except Taylor did the Tarzan Swing.

Kevin gets a horse! You wouldn't even let me have a cat!
But a cat is so much more work!
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