Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Road to the Farm: Before and After

Our farm in Canitas is exactly two miles from our house in Santa Elena. The first mile is on a frequently travelled road that leads up from the Pan American Highway, and it is usually in pretty good shape. The second mile is on a sparsely travelled public road in Canitas that the municipality doesn't seem to maintain. There is a particularly challenging part before you get to our farm, because the road is quite steep and strewn with boulders that fall from the mountainside. We have a Land Rover which manages most roads very well, but even for us this road has been challenging.

Enter the neighbors with a plan! A delegation of two neighbors visited us last week. Henry, Don Fausto's son, and Gilbert, who owns the farm below Don Carlos. They were polling the various people who own property along the poorly maintained road to ask who would contribute to paying to fix it. The plan was to hire a tractorista who would work by the hour. The cost was 20,000 colones (about $40) per hour. We agreed to participate, as did a number of the other neighbors, and I saw the tractorista start the work last Friday. I can see the road to our farm from our front porch, and could watch the tractor's progress with binoculars.

The kids and I went to the far to hike today, and we were quite impressed with our new, improved road! The next plan for the tractorista is to have him repair the road down into Don Carlos' old farm so that we will be able to drive to the corral at the bottom of the road.

I love how you call those things "roads"

I miss you guys like crazy! I think that it just hit me yesterday that you will not be back for another 3 months! Missing you mucho in orlando, alex.
I miss you too honey! Love, Mom
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