Thursday, March 23, 2006



Kev has had a rough week. A few days ago when he was giving Joe the puppy a bath he got the flea shampoo in his eyes, and we made an emergency run to the doctor for eye drops and assurance (for him) that he wouldn't go blind. Dr. Douglas assured him his eyesight was safe. Last night Kev woke up around midnight with an earache that had him screaming in pain. Those of us who know Kev well know he has an extremely high tolerance for pain, so this was scary. What to do at midnight in a tiny town that doesn't have an emergency room? I called the clinica and the night guard suggested I drive down the mountain to Las Juntas to go to the clinica there, which might be open. I ruled that idea out, as Catie was asleep, and I was nervous about the hour plus ride and then roaming around Las Juntas looking for the clinic.
We tried everything we could think of: hot towel on the ear, ear drop, Benadryl - but nothing eased the pain. He finally fell asleep in my arms around 4 am. As the mother of 4 children, you would think I would have had a lot of nights like this, but I've (we've) been lucky, as this was a first for me to be up all night with a sick child. It was so hard not to be able to really do anything.
The good news is that we went to see Dr Douglas as soon as he opened up his Centro Medico this morning. He diagnosed a bacterial ear infection, gave us antibiotics, better ear drops and some pain medication. He also gave us his cell phone, and told us we can call him next time we have a sick child at night. What a Godsend!
Kev's feeling a lot better now. Cate skipped school today, and we are all home taking it easy.

Next time you should punch Kevin in the arm. That way, he'd be thinking about his hurt arm and he'd forget about his ear!

I'm going to make a great father some day!
No big-headed Villagomez children for me, thanks
Feel better, Kev. I had earaches all the time when I was your age. They're the most painful thing ever!
I was always getting strep throat. I hated it.
He gave you HIS cellphone or his cellphone number?
Good eye, Alex. I didn't catch that grammar error until you pointed it out.
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