Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Newest Member of the Family

On Sunday when we came back from horseback riding we saw the cutest, smallest puppy marching down the road in front of our house. He looks like a minature Rotweiler. Catie immediately claimed him and named him Joe. Later she asked me what "Yo no sea" (sounds like "Joe no say") means, so I have a feeling Joe's name is actually Yo. Joe is probably about a month old. Jumper doesn't seem to mind having a puppy around and mainly ignores him. There are a lot of street dogs here, and I don't want to make a habit of taking in every stray that walks by our house. I'll try to get Joe's picture posted so you can see how cute he is. I'm going to take him to the Vet today to have him checked out.

Dear Cate,

If Mom won't let you keep Joe, I recommend making some dog pie. It's delicious!

"I hate him!" was Catie's response to this comment, and she was NOT referring to Joe.
Big brothers are just mean Cate. I could tell you some stories. Lets just say it was a miracle my cat Thomasina survived 20 years.
That cat deserved every beating it got!
Cate Did you name him after your cousin Joe ?
Do the chickens have large talons?
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