Tuesday, March 14, 2006



We went horseback riding for about 4 hours on Sunday on our farm. Raol brought three horses, and Catie rode with him. Raol's 9 year old son Brandon also came along. Kevin rode a new horse, 4 year old Imperial, and I rode Whiskey, my usual horse. Raol asked about Alex, and said that he hoped that he would be coming to Costa Rica soon.

We rode along the road, and then went down the road into what was Don Carlos' farm. It's lot easier to ride in the dry season, because the grass is shorter, and the horses are less likely to slip. We rode almost all the way to the river, and then walked the rest of the way. On the way back, we visited a waterfall, but had to hike for about 15 minutes to get there.

Raol wants to sell Imperial to Kevin, and also give him riding lessons. He'll definitely take the lessons; I'm not so sure about the horse.

Dear Kevin,

You have a frickin' horse?! You're a lucky guy!

He doesn't have one yet... I caved in on the dog, but I'm not so sure about a horse. They have a longer shelf life...
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