Monday, February 20, 2006


Getting Settled

We arrived in Monteverde around 11:00 p.m. on Friday, and managed to get our 8 suitcases and 7 carry-ons into the house. We were only supposed to have 6 carry-ons; somehow we managed to acquire another carry-on in between the time we took our luggage off the carousel at the airport and arriving at home. We ended up with a little suitcase full of beach clothes for 2 little kids. I've tried calling Continental to report this, and I can't get through.

On Saturday we went on a little tour of the area to show Mike around, had breakfast at Stella's and went to the Ranario to see Deb and Liam. Liam, who is six and has his first big boy haircut, gave us a tour of the newly enlarged Ranario. Victorino, who owns and operates the Ranario, basically put a roof over the woods around the old building, and then installed all the frogs' glass cages, which are connected by concrete paths.

We ate at Marquez for dinner, and I enjoyed the sea bass cerviche (delicious!).

On Sunday, we all hiked the farm for about 3 hours. We walked down the "road" into Don Carlos' old farm, and hiked to the bottom. We found an old banana and orange grove near his old house. Manolo and Beth and their kids Nattie and Amaro came over for a spaghetti dinner.

Today, we did some more touring, and also went to the Cloud Forest School to check on Kevin and Catie's registration. I didn't realize that the children were uniform shirts there, so we bought two for each of them. School starts on Monday, February 27. Beth (Manolo's wife) is Catie's teacher, and she is in Liam's class.

This dial up connection is VERY slow, so I won't be able to post photos until I can get a faster connection. Bear with me!

glad it is all working out!
my phone number changed it is now 407-864-7745
Sounds great, can't wait to see the pics. We'll have to plan a visit.
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