Friday, February 17, 2006


Arrival Day in Costa Rica

We left Orlando last night at 8 p.m. in two cars. We had 8 pieces of checked luggage, 6 carry on pieces and Jumper! Jumper had a little medicine to help her relax and enjoy the ride. A few hours later we were in San Jose! Our friend Abelardo the airport porter met us, and got us situated in a taxi van, dog and all. Jim's friend Mark met us at the Best Western Irazu, and he and Jim took Jumper to Mark's house for the night, as Jumper couldn't stay at the hotel with us. Jim met up with Mike Giemont who is here for 11 days to hang out with us, and the guys went out for a little nightlife. The kids and I settled into bed, as it was quite late.

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant - Denney's! - with the same menu as the Denny's in Orlando. Cate and I had a little soak in the beautiful hot tub located ourdoors next to the swimming pool. It's a tropical paradise here, and I hope to post some pictures later. Kev and Jim left with Mark and Mike to go get our car at John DeMeo's house, and then pick up Jumper. Cate and I are here in the hotel lobby using a hot zone while we wait for them.

We'll drive to Monteverde as soon as we pack up the car when they get here. The weather today is beautiful and warm, with a hint of clouds starting to roll in. I hope it doesn't rain, as I forgot the plastic to cover the suitcases on the roof.

That's the hotel I slept in on my first night ever in Costa Rica. I forgot my bathing suit hanging on my hotel room balcony.

Can you see if it is still there? It's only been 4 years.
What? No pictures? Glad you all got in safe. Try to post some of the pics from our dinner, I have yet to see them.
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